Problems to configure ESB-Toolkit 2.2 in Windows 8 Pro

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I have now installed and configured ESB Toolkit 2.2 on Windows 8 Pro several times and each time I have encountered the same problem.

In the following sections of the tree structure displayed in the setup wizard: (ESB Configuration, Exception Web Services, and Core Web Services), you are forced to choose “Web Site Name”. The problem for me has been that I’m not given any choice in the drop down menu. The problem is based on a number of Windows Features that are not installed by default in Windows 8 Pro.

The solution I’ve found to this problem is the following: open “Turn Windows feauters on or off” and ensure that the following “Features” are selected:

.NET.Framework3.5(includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0)


IIS 6 Management Console

After this is accomplished, I run “ESB Configuration tool” as Administrator and can then select “Default Web Site” from the drop down menu and complete the configuration.


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